Jai Shri Ganesh



Marriages are said to be the binding of two hearts rather than anything else, in which two people comes together, chosen by the families mostly, except for love marriages, and solemnly pledge to share every sorrow and joy with one another. The Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremony in which the couple exchanges rings with each other. Therefore it is also known as the Ring Ceremony.


Tilak Ceremony is one of the most important Pre Wedding Ceremonies; it holds an important position as regards its auspicious nature in traditional Hindu customs. The Tilak Ceremony varies from one state to another. It is also very different in case of diverse castes and creeds. Among the tribal in India, the Tilak Ceremony holds good, but the way is quite different from its urban counterpart. According the family tradition and culture the Tilak Ceremony is usually held.


The haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom's body before their wedding. This ceremony is held at both the bride and the groom's place, on the morning of the wedding day. In a few cultures, this ceremony is also held a day before the wedding, after the mehendi ritual.


Mehendi Ceremony Celebrated by the Bride's family, the Mehendi Ceremony is an amusing ritual observance that derives its origin from the Traditional Indian customs. In this ceremony, Mehendi is put in the hands and feet of the bride, in beautiful and intricate designs, especially done with the help of an expert. Mehendi mainly consists of henna paste.


These saat pheras make marriage eternal and the bride and the groom is considered to be a married couple. The saat phera ritual is also called shaptapadi or the seven steps where the groom promises of Kama, artha and dharma. The bride vows to stand by him and support him in fulfilling his duties.The process of saat phere acquires more significance in that the couple prays for the peace and well-being of the entire universe.


In Indian culture, marriage is considered to be a union of two souls. The auspicious ceremony of marriage is taken to be 13th out of a total of 16 ceremonies in one's life. Indian marriages are solemnized according to the VEDAS, Hindu religion's sacred scriptures. Most of these Indian wedding rituals have regional traditions as their base. However, the common tie amongst all these wedding rituals is the fun as well as the excitement which form an integral part. One of the important Post Wedding Ceremonies in India is the Vidai Ceremony.